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As Quebec's leading metal fabrication facility, we are here to help you with any kind of large or small Robotic, Stud, Spot, MIG and TIG welding projects. Contact us today at (888) 885-6388 and discover why we are Quebec's primary welding services provider.


Quebec’s LaserNett provides a comprehensive collection of welding services and fabrication solutions. From RoboticMIGTIGSpot  and Stud welding, our state-of-the-art facility has some of the industries most skilled tradesmen who are impeccable in their attention to your project’s details.

Robotic Welding from LaserNett is a speedy, precise welding procedure that develops a high-strength weld that is continually repeatable. LaserNett’s Robotic welding is best for high quantities of welding where spot welding isn’t an option.

MIG welding from LaserNett is a high-speed manual process that’s relatively precise but yields a high strength weld. This process of welding is perfect for medium to high quantities of production. MIG welding is best for Aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel.

TIG welding from LaserNett is a low-speed but remarkably precise welding method that provides a very high strength weld. This procedure of welding is perfect for lower volumes or precision welds. TIG welding is perfect for stainless steel and aluminum fabrication.

Spot welding from LaserNett is an incredibly high speed, moderately precise welding procedure that delivers average strength. Spot welding from us is ideal for high volumes of welding but limited for specific applications.

Stud welding from LaserNett is an exceptional and unique welding procedure that simply adds studs to a plate. Stud welding from us is perfect for high volumes.

Make use of LaserNett’s welding services today and see why we are Quebec’s professional one-stop welding shop. Call us at (888) 885-6388 or email [email protected] for any questions.

M. Oullet (A Quebec based organization dedicated to prototyping industrial manufacturing solutions. Mr Oullet uses LaserNett for our engineering and welding services): “Thank you LaserNett. You do good work.”