As Toronto’s “one-stop” metal fabrication shop, we custom manufacture unique items for the metal prototyping industry.

Companies requiring metal prototyping typically look for quality metal fabricators with a quick turn-around on a variety of custom “one-off” items designed for industrial and commercial uses.

We have an experienced staff of industrial engineers, designers and fabricators who have a long history of building all types of items for the prototyping industry. From small, simple parts to very large complex parts, LaserNett has the in-house ability to manufacture a complete solution that will meet your prototyping needs.

LaserNett offers a number of services to assist those looking for metal manufacturing fabrication. We offer services like laser cutting, laser engraving, welding, tube bending, sheet metal bending, powder coating, machining, spinning, sheet metal rolling and tube perforation to assist with your next prototype project.

Call LaserNett today for all your custom metal manufacturing needs and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.