Laser Cutting Services

CO2 laser cutting from LaserNett is a very clean and precise way to cut a wide range of materials. Laser cutting is fast, accurate, requires minimal set-up time and offers significant cost savings.

We operate a 4000 watt CO2 laser cutter and is perfect for your custom metal fabrication projects or your mass production laser-cut components.

Whether you’re cutting 1 piece or 1000 pieces of the same item, LaserNett’s CO2 laser has an incredible tolerance range between pieces. On top of our laser being incredibly accurate, we also assure a clean cut and minimal levels of slag.

Our laser cutter is capable of laser cutting the following:

  • 750” Mild Steel (Maximum thickness)
  • 500” Stainless Steel (Maximum thickness)
  • 375” Aluminum (Maximum thickness)

Maximum laser cutting sheet size 120″ x 60″

A NEW! Trumpf Laser TL 3030 Fiber and new material handling cranes were installed when LaserNett moved to a new building (January 2018). The addition of the second laser more than doubles LaserNETT’s capabilities.

The new machine can cut thicker material, a wider variety of material and the ability to cut tubes.

  • Power 4000 W
  • Working range

– X 120”

– Y 60”

– Z 4.5”

  • Maximum sheet weight 2000 lbs
  • Maximum sheet thicknesses

– Mild Steel (O2)                  1.000”

– Stainless Steel   (N2)       0.800”

– Aluminum (N2)                 0.800”

– Copper (O2)                       0.310”

– Copper (N2)                       0.120”

– Brass (N2)                           0.310”

  • Tube cutting system (RotoLas) Round, Square and Rectangular tubes

 – Tube length which can be cut 120”

– Max. tube diameter or envelope circle 14.5”

– Max. tube weight 440 lbs.

– Max. wall thickness:

* MS         0.390”

* SS           0.190”

* AL           0.190”

* CO          0.157”

* BR           0.157”


The advantages of the fiber laser include:

  • Faster cutting
  • Capability to cut new types of material
  • Ability to cut tubes.

The existing L3030 CO2 laser was moved to a new building as well.

Having two machines running will allow LaserNett a dramatic increase in the sheet metal material handling and cutting efficiency. The loading and unloading team can now rotate between machines increasing their efficiency and the machine uptime.

The increased volume of LaserNETT customers will provide a greater variety of parts allowing better sheet nesting and material efficiency.

Use LaserNett’s laser cutting services today and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.