Robotic Welding Services

lasernett_motoman_robotic_laser_welderRobotic welding services offered from LaserNett is a welding solution for volume production projects that need to be met in an accurate, timely and efficient manner.

LaserNett utilizes a Motoman precision robotic welder with an ArcWorld part positioner system and can store program settings and configurations so that set-up time is a quick and easy process by our experienced technicians. As one of Toronto’s leader in metal fabrication, our robotic welder has been designed specifically to cater all our clients’ necessary robotic welding needs.

Our MIG robotic welder is designed to produce precise welds. Our welding is smooth and consistent, leaving a perfectly finished weld. Regardless of your project size or what you’re trying to create, our robotic welding system provides consistent quality and speed, time and time again.

Use LaserNett’s robotic welding services today and see why
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