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We are Ontario’s leading one-stop and foremost laser
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fabrication cutting experience, we have a history of getting
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Laser Cutting in Ontario

As the Ontario area's best laser cutting service provider we are here to help with any kind of small or large laser cutting projects you might have. Call us immediately at (905) 362-2007 and discover why we are Ontario's most reputable metal fabrication and laser cutting service provider.


By utilizing our CO2 high speed laser cutter, we provide our services to the Ottawa area, LaserNett provides you with an incredibly accurate method of cutting a wide-range of materials. Our laser cutting service is precise, quick, requires at best, minimum set-up time while providing you and your organization with significant cost and time savings.

LaserNett utilizes a 4000 watt CO2 laser cutter that is definitely well suite for your metal fabrication projects and/or your mass produced laser-cut pieces, parts and components.

Regardless if you are laser cutting as little as one or one-thousand pieces, LaserNett’s CO2 laser has an incredible range of operating tolerance. Our laser cutting service is extremely accurate which results in laser cuts with minimal levels of slag.

Our laser cutter is capable of laser cutting the following:

  • .375” Aluminum (Maximum thickness)
  • .750” Mild Steel (Maximum thickness)
  • .500” Stainless Steel (Maximum thickness)
  • Maximum laser cutting sheet size 120″ x 60″

Take advantage of LaserNett’s laser cutting services now and discover precisely why we are Ontario’s professional one-stop metal fabrication shop. Contact us at (905) 362-2007 or email [email protected] for any questions.

A. Lindsey (A Ontario based brewing equipment manufacturer who uses LaserNett for a variety of fabrication services): “LaserNett has completely surpassed our expectations. You guys fits our laser cutting and metal fabrication needs perfectly.”