Laser Engraving technology

laser_cutting_metal_fabricators_laser_engravingWhat is laser engraving?
Laser engraving is a technology used extensively at LaserNett that allows the engraving of photos, text and logos onto a large variety of materials.

Laser engraving is a process where a laser is used to engrave and cut varying materials. It is a process where an image or logo is engraved or cut into an object by removing approximately up to 1mm of the surface using an extremely precise laser light.

As the name suggests, “Laser engraving” uses a high-intensity laser light that is computer controlled and directed onto your project providing high levels of precision and detail. The engraving process is very technical and complex in nature. Despite this complexity, laser engraving is very precise and can be completed at a high rate. Engraving is completed with no physical contact with your project’s surface.
Shading is not possible with laser engraving. All art must be provided in black and white.

Reasons why to use LaserNett’s laser engraving service:

  • Very cost effective
  • Capable of etching 3D images into many materials
  • Non-contact process, great for fragile materials
  • Photographic images can be engraved
  • Very high levels of details

Utilize our laser engraving services today and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.