Metal Bending Technology

What is sheet metal bending?

Sheet metal bending (or press braking) is a technology used extensively at LaserNett that allows the shaping and bending of sheet metal.

As the oldest mechanical metal deformation processes, the process begins by placing a piece of metal to be bent into the press brake. A hydraulic ram is raised and the metal to be bent is slid into place. Press brake shoes are lowered to which force is applied to this sheet of metal causing it to bend at an angle and formed to a desired shape. The brake press can bend something as small as a bracket to something as large as a metal enclosure or chassis.

When press brake bending a piece of metal, there is a buildup of residual stresses in the material which will cause a bent piece of metal to spring back. Due to this elastic recovery of material, it is necessary to slightly over-bend the metal piece to achieve the desired bend radius and bend angle.

Reasons why to use LaserNett’s metal bending service:

  • Very cost effective
  • Great for small and large run metal fabrication and prototypes
  • Extremely accurate

Utilize our metal bending services today and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.