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Laser Nett's Spinning Technology

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What is metal spinning?

Metal spinning is a technology used at LaserNett to mold and shape metal into axially symmetric forms.

Metal spinning is a process in the metal fabrication process by which a metal disc or tube is spun at high speed on a lathe and formed into an axially symmetric form.

Metal spinning is performed in one of two ways; manually or by a CNC lathe. Metal spinning forms range from decorative household goods, cookware, gas cylinders, cups and automotive emission control products. Shapes can be formed from aluminum or stainless steel to high-strength and high-temperature alloys.

The spinning is simple metal fabrication process. A formed block you wish to form to is mounted onto the rotating section of the lathe. A pre-sized metal disk is then clamped against the block by a pressure pad, which is attached to the tailstock. The block and work piece are then rotated together at a high speed. A localized force is then applied to the work piece to cause it to flow and shape over your formed block. The force is usually applied via various levered tools. Simple work pieces are removed from the block where as more complex shapes may require a multi-piece block. Extremely complex shapes can be spun over ice forms, which then melt away after spinning. Because the final diameter of the workpiece is always less than the starting diameter the work piece must thicken, elongated radially, or buckle circumferential.


 Reasons why to use Laser Nett's spinning service:

  • Inexpensive tooling
  • Ease of design changes
  • Quick turn-arounds for production and prototypes
  • Can cut through a wide variety of materials
  • Improved Metallurgy  


Utilize our spinning service today and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.

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